Vitality Collagen by Immortal’s Path


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Directions of Use: Take 2 tablespoons in water, 2 times a day.

Can be used in other drinks like juice or tea, as it has no taste, and mixes easily in cold and hot liquids.

Taste: no taste or added flavour

Weight: 450 Grams – 1 Month Supply 


22 in stock


Introducing Vitalityour number one organic hydrolyzed collagen powder for skin and hair. The difference between our collagen and others, is that ours starts working in just 3-7 days for both, skin and hair.

Collagen Type I and III – ideal for skin and hair – known for anti aging benefits like reducing fine lines, wrinkles, aging skin, sagging skin – as well as thickening hair growth, increasing hair growth speed and restoring hair shine.

    The reason our product works, is the ratio it is blended in, which is perfect for the body to absorb and deliver at the right time. This is what makes Vitality, a true rejuvenating supplement for men and women of all ages.


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    9 reviews for Vitality Collagen by Immortal’s Path

    1. Aysha

      Just got my order a week ago, and been using as according to directions. I am amazed that this works so fast. I didn’t realize it, but kept getting comments from others about how my skin is looking glowing, and i also felt texture on my face was smoother, its hard to explain because i can’t relate to anything similar. I spoke to my brother, and he is a Doctor and nutritionist, and he told me that it must be because i needed the nutrition from this, as it is fast absorbed, and works directly for skin and hair. I have tried other collagen products, but this one works the best from the ones i tried (including better than great lakes collagen from US, or Neocell pills for hair).

    2. Shanzea Haider

      I bought this as a side order to test out this in comparision to neocell. I didn’t expect it to be this good that I will replace all my skin regime with just 1 bottle of Vitality. Very grateful that they exist in Pakistan now. I also buy the oil for hair growth. Customer support is very helpful and try to help wherever they can.

    3. Dr Salman

      Def the best collagen in Pakistan. This is my 4th time ordering to Karachi. They deliver on time, and everything is very high quality, from product, powder and results that i get for my skin and hair.

    4. Ali

      Best Collagen in Pakistan for Sure, also it is halal so its ideal.

    5. Hanna Jawad

      Reviewing this collagen after 3 weeks of use. It works better than other collagen i have tried, such as marine collagen. Skin is def much better and smoother all over and my hair and nails are growing faster than ever. I normally go for a hair trim once a month, but i needed it twice this time.

    6. Shazia M

      Good Product. Jasa lika hai, wasa hai. no complaints here. ordered to karach, got it in 2 days without any problems. make sure to use it 2 times a day, even if it finishes early, you will see better results on skin and hair just in 2 weeks. For me I notice it on my skin on day 3.

    7. Hanin

      Can notice some skin improvement on just 1 week. Easy to drink when mixed with water, so thats how i have it. Good quality and similar to collagen i was taking when living in England last year during my university there. Will buy again.

    8. Noor Iqbal

      Its the best collagen in Pakistan for sure, i came across this via an article on a magazine, and thought to try. pakistan does not know enough about collagen and its benefits, especially this kind of collagen. you get more for your money in this, better than neocell collagen and other brands.

    9. Anum

      Great product for helping thicken hair and make skin texture look beautiful in the most natural way. 100% natural product, i am very sensitive to filler ingredients, and found this to be one of the best vitamin support supplements i have ever used, and can actually see the results, friends and family have also commented positively although they don’t know what i am doing.

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